Types of Dental X-rays

X-ray is of vital importance in many areas of dentistry today which helps to set up a precise treatment plan or post-treatment control. Most images are ready within minutes and the use of the equipment is completely safe, even children and the elderly can use them.

  • Panoramic X-ray

The digital panoramic X-ray device is able to quickly and easily make a picture by which the shape of the lower and upper jaw can be evaluated right then.

  • Intaoral X-rays

An important feature of intraoral images is that they are extremely detailed and informative. It is often used for example in root treatments because it provides great help for accurate endodontic work.

  • Full X-ray diagnostic

One of the fundamental and essential elements of orthodontic planning is the evaluation of the Full X-ray. It is advisable to prepare for orthodontic treatment because the specialist will almost certainly ask for this type of X-ray.


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