Tomosynthesis mammography

Worldwide, more than 1 million women are diagnosed with breast cancer in a year, despite the fact that women over the age of 40 are recommended to get a mammography test in every two years. Clinical research shows that ca. 22% of the malignant lesions are not noticed in time. One of the reasons is the anatomical structure, par example the overlapping glands on the recording can limit visibility and thus hide the lesions.

The digital tomosynthesis mammography, which is a 3-dimensional imaging technology, offers a solution to this problemThe breast is very detailed on the pictures, so there is a rare need for supplemental recording. Ultrasound alone can only detect breast cancer by 60%, mammographic examination has an approximately 80% accuracy. The two together provide a good diagnosis with 92-93% confidence.  The doctors of Budai Radiológia Centrum perform in each case both types of tests, complementing with physical examination. The whole screen takes a half of an hour.

Contrary to popular belief the test does not hurt, just a little unpleasant. However, it is worth bearing the pressing feeling for a few minutes in return to know if there is any abnormality in our breast.

Breast cancer is a very insidious cancer because for long it can grow unnoticed in the canals of the breast. At a certain stage of the disease, however, it can already be detected by mammograms even when it is not yet palpable. Therefore, the screening is important in every two years because if women regularly have themselves checked, then it is likely that the lesions will be detected in time. Today, in Hungary the breast cancer discovered in time can be cured over 70%. The best chance we have to cure the cancers under 1.5-2 cm which are not yet palpable.

 Who is recommended for?

  • Women over the age of 40.
  • In the case of a burdensome family anamnesis even at younger age.

 When it cannot be done?

  • Under the age of 35 in very justified cases, for specialist indications.
  • During breast-feeding and pregnancy.
  • Annual frequency (only when justified).

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