Thyroid ultrasound examination

Ultrasonic testing is an easy-to-use, routine test method in today’s world. This diagnostic procedure is used in many places, so it is well suited for assessing the structure of the thyroid gland.

Ultrasound examination of the thyroid gland allows measuring the size of the thyroid gland and uncovering any nodules in the glandular tissue, inflammatory conditions and diseases. Additionally, the processes associated with the enlargement of the parathyroid gland are also easily recognizable.

Among the large salivary glands, the one under the chin is examined and the parotid gland ultrasound examination is performed, thus salivary stones, inflammations, benign and malignant tumors can be recognized. During all thyroid ultrasounds the cervical lymph nodes are also reviewed.

The test does not require any special preparation. It is painless and harmless. The test can be repeated in an unlimited number.

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