Panoramic X-ray

The digital panoramic X-ray device gives an immediately evaluable picture about the forming of the lower and upper jaw.

Digital panoramic X-ray allows quick and easy diagnostics, so it provides significant help in setting up the diagnosis in all areas of dentistry, but especially in oral surgery and orthodontics.

In the field of exploring the centre of the disease, dental implants, before oral surgery or orthodontics, as well as complex interventions, it is essential for proper dental care, but panoramic X-ray is also commonly used in general dentistry as it provides important information about the condition of the oral cavity and dentures even at the simplest treatments.

Panoramic X-ray significantly accelerates and facilitates the diagnosis. It helps to reveal the hidden, unobserved dental caries and the faults of the old fillings. Great help in detecting inflammatory centers, cysts, as well as in pyorrhoea and bone atrophy checkups. Often the cause of a gum disease or the sinusitis is easier to detect through panoramic X-ray images.

In the planning phase of the orthodontic, panoramic X-ray is indispensable, as it allows to evaluate the location of the isn’t yet grown or broken teeth and the wisdom teeth, thus greatly facilitating the orthodontic process.

The panoramic X-ray image taken of the entire denture will be available to customers (in CD or e-mail) after a few minutes depending on the usage requirements.

Frequently asked questions about the panoramic X-ray:

1.Can the panoramic X-ray be applied in case of children?

Of course, it can. The orthodontist treatment is most commonly started in childhood. The panoramic X-ray images of your children are performed by our colleagues with great experience.

2. What other advantages does BRC offer to its customers besides exemption of waiting?

We use the most modern digital dental X-ray for panoramic shots as well, which means the patients are saved from excessive radiation exposure unlike in the case of conventional analogue technology.

3. Is there a way to perform a Full X-ray in addition to the panoramic X-ray?

Of course, the digital park of Budai Radiológiai Centrum is capable of making the full cross-sectioned image of the skull (Full X-ray) as well.

Please, contact our Customer Services to make an appointment.

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