Breastfeeding protects against breast cancer.

The at least of a 10 months breastfeeding really reduces the risk of breast cancer but we cannot say that one is protected.

Mammography is very painful.

The test is a bit unpleasant as the breast needs to be pressed but it is being far from painful. It’s a bit of a disadvantage compared to the problems that the cancer would cause which isn’t caught in time.

Mammographic examination is a major radiation exposure to the body.

The GE type tomosynthesis mammography which is used to carry out the test is the most advanced device available on the market, its radiation load as little as possible. It does not mean greater radiation exposure than a standard four-way recording.

An ultrasound scan is enough if you want breast cancer screening.

The ultrasound test is not suitable for screening malignant lesions in the mammary! UH testing can only be considered as a complement to mammograms according to the profession.

In our center one of the country’s most modern mammography machines is waiting for you. Have an appointment, do not be afraid of the breast cancer but do something against it!

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