Lung screening

Unfortunately, many do not take this seriously but the incidence of lung cancer increases year by year, and this growing trend is true for both women and men and even for younger age people, which is highly related to smoking.

Pulmonologists continue to consider highly important to get regular X-rays examination for smoking men and women between 40 and 70 years of age, so that the possible lung cancer can be recognized earlier, which smokers have about 40 times greater chances.

A lung screening is compulsory in agriculture, healthcare area and commercial trade, but fortunately the demanding employers require it in more and more workplaces. Even if you do not work at such place, you should also take part in a yearly lung screening test for your own health!

If you want to have the recommended yearly lung screening done in a modern and professional private radiological center without long waiting, the Budai Radiológiai Centrum is the perfect solution for You! You do not have to wait for weeks for an appointment and you do not have to wait for hours in our office. You will get the radiographic record quickly and, in the case of a positive result, our specialist draws your attention to the problem and recommends you the treatment options.

Please, contact our Customer Services to make an appointment for lung screening.

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