Lower extremity venous ultrasound examination

Ultrasound examination is strongly justified in the case of sudden or long-lasting limb tension, swelling of the limbs, and permanent extremity pain.

The primary method of detecting a suspected fast-developing deep vein thrombosis is the lower extremity venous Doppler ultrasound examination, of which the symptoms are sudden abnormal lower limb swelling, red or bluish discoloration of the foot, and sharp pain in the calf when lifting of the foot. Thrombosis may also occur in the lower limbs even if there is no clinical sign of it, with a serious consequence of pulmonary embolism, pulmonary infarction. Additionally, ultrasound tests may be performed to evaluate the functioning of venous valve functions, in the case of the inflammation of peripheral veins and varicose vein problems.

Preparing for the extrimity venous ultrasound examination

The extrimity venous ultrasound does not require any special preparation. It is painless and harmless. The test can be repeated in an unlimited number.

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