Intaoral X-rays

Digital panorama X-ray gives the dentist a picture of the state of the entire denture. It is a basic x-ray image to measure the tooth condition before dental interventions. However, there are cases before special interventions when there is a need for a much higher resolution radiographic examination targeting that particular tooth.

During the intraoral X-rays a lead-equivalent rubber binding protects the patient then the exposure will occur externally after the settings.

An important feature of intraoral images is that they are extremely detailed and informative. It is often used for example in root treatments because it provides great help for accurate endodontic work. The needle control and especially root filling control are essential.

These are all cases where digital panorama X-ray is not enough to concentrate on an individual tooth. Also, it may happen that when a digital panorama X-ray is made, a tooth is hidden behind another then this test tool can be used as well.

An additional advantage of intraoral radiography is that it causes a smaller exposure to radiation than the digital panoramic X-ray and can therefore be repeated several times.

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