Dear Patients,

Below we have collected the most frequently asked questions about our ultrasound and X-ray examinations, as well as the operation and hospital regulations of our Radiological Center.

If you have further questions but have not found the answer, please contact our Customer Service at +36 1 700 4490, they will gladly answer all your questions.

Appointment, referral: Is any medical referral necessary for the tests?

There is no need for a specialist, general practitioner referral for the tests. However, we recommend you to consult a specialist or family doctor and consider your doctor’s recommendation before receiving the test (for the professionally-based application of X-ray exposure).

If your doctor asks for the test, you may be absolutely sure that it is done for a good cause and the for the sake of your health, and also he assessed and took into account the risk factors.

Is there a need for making an appointment beforehand?

Yes, there is! We would like to ask our dear patients to book an appointment in advance, in order to avoid waiting. The dates given may be modified at the request of our patients. Please contact our call center as soon as possible in any case you would like to change the booked time.

Are there free examinations as well?

It is not publicly funded service what tour Center provides, so the tests can only be obtained in fee-paying form. It is not possible to obtain the tests on the debit of social security.

It is not this residential district I’m registered in, my address card is registered to elsewhere? May I come to the examination here anyway?

Yes, you may. As the center does not provide a publicly funded service, so there is no obligation to regional supply, so we are available for the patients from all over the country.

I have no social security number. Can I come to the examination anyway?

Yes. As the center does not provide a publicly funded service, you do not need to have Hungarian social security number to receive our services.

Findings, Records: How much time one must wait for the findings and records?

X-rays findings are delivered to our patients within 24 hours (by e-mail or by personal receipt as requested). In case you want to get the results within half an hour, it is possible by paying an extra fee of 1500 Ft. If the recording takes place in the morning, due to the smaller traffic, the findings might be obtained sooner.

In the case of ultrasound, our patients receive the results of the examination immediately on paper in a printed form. If your doctor has sent you for an ultrasound scan, please, make sure you visit him again with the results so he can tell you what to do next.

In what form we get the completed X-ray images?

Our patients obtain the records written to a CD on demand, or printed on a film. If there is a need for further CDs or printed films one can have it in our radiological Centre only for an extra fee of 600 Ft.

Can we also get the recorded image or just the written result of a lung screening?

Because it’s a screening test, so the written assessment containing the result of the screening is given to our patients at the end of the test. Of course, if there is a need, recording can be obtained on a CD. In that case, you would like to take the image on film, it costs 600 Ft. The findings will be sent within 24 hours to the previously given email address. If it’s an urgent case and you want to have the findings within half an hour, it is available at an additional cost of 1500 Ft.

Can you get your findings in English?

Yes, of course there is a possibility to have that.

Approach, location: How is the best way to approach our Centre?

The Budai Radiológiai Centrum from May of 2016 is located in Swiss Prémium Egészségközpont functioning in the Krisztina Palace. Our address is XII. District, Nagyenyed út 8-14., Ground floor; It is easily accessible by car and by public transportation.

Access by public transportation:

  • Tram number 61 and 17 – 1 minute walk from the stop of Nagyenyed utca
  • Tram number 59/B – 1 minute walk from the stop of Kék Golyó utca
  • M2 – 4 minute walk from the stop of Déli Pályaudvar

Where to park?

The underground garage of Krisztina Palace can be reached arriving from Németvölgyi út and Istenhegyi út. Parking spaces at the level -1 are available for the guests of SWISS PRÉMIUM Medical Center.

X-ray: Are you examining children too? What is the age limit for each X-ray?

There is no age limit in the case of X-ray. For a toddler or very young children, please indicate the age of the child at the time of recording the appointment. The success of the recording depends on the child’s cooperation.

Do I need to take something with me? How to be prepared?

In the case of X-ray recording, as the metal scatters the X-rays, we are asking our patients to take any jewelry (necklaces, earrings, piercings …) and other metal accessories off before the recordings or leave them at home. Our radiologist may also request the removal of certain garments. Please, help our colleagues’ work with your cooperation. In addition, the X-ray examination does not require any other preparation.

How big is the radiation load of the X-rays?

X-rays have a cell-destroying effect on the human body, although at low doses, the body’s defense and repair mechanisms are unlikely to allow cell alteration. Our qualified staff works with radiation protection standards.

Radiation hazardous X-rays should be performed so that the participants are given the least dose. We also want to reach that what we could achieve with the digital X-ray machine park. Radiation dose has been maximally reduced compared to conventional imaging systems.

When an X-ray examination should not be performed?

Recording an X-ray is not recommended: during pregnancy, breast feeding, right after isotope testing, some days after a contrast substance testing, during radiotherapy.

May anyone take X-rays during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

Recording an X-ray is not recommended: during pregnancy and breast feeding. Of course, in a very urgent case, on the patient’s own responsibility, with the recommendation of the gynecologist, x-rays can be taken during pregnancy and lactation.

How often can the X-ray examinations be repeated?

Because X-rays have a cell-harming effect on the human body, thus only a limited number of X-ray examinations may be repeated. The benefit of the activity should be greater than the disadvantages caused by the radiation. Consultation with a clinical specialist may help to ensure that the X-ray is informative about our complaint.

Do not have any unnecessary, duplicate recordings made, if available, please ask for a copy. Before taking a new X-ray recording, make sure that you inform the recording assistant, how many imaging diagnostic tests that are associated with radiation you have taken part in over the past year.

Ultrasound: Are you examining children too? What is the age limit?

The age limit is 14 in the case of ultrasound.

How to come to an ultrasound scan? Can I eat or drink before it?

Patients are required to be in suitable condition for the examination.

Do not eat at least 6 hours before the abdominal and pelvic ultrasound examination and for drinking only carbon-acid-free water is recommended. Drinking water is strongly recommended, as in the pelvic ultrasound evaluation the fullness of the bladder is utmost importance. If the patient is a diabetic, please ask the referral doctor if they can take their medicine before testing, if they should inject their insulin and if they can have their breakfast.

For other ultrasound tests, no preparation is required.

If you have a health case history, the related documentation, including any findings and films, please hand over to the examiner colleague.

How often can the ultrasound tests be repeated?

Ultrasonic testing can be repeated in an unlimited number without any risk.