Digital X-Ray

Budai Radiológiai Centrum uses the General Electrics Brivo DR-F type digital X-ray machine to make X-ray images. Unlike the traditional „multi-husked” detectors, GE is built of flat-panel detector without casing and high-frequency generator, therefore its fast and accurate techniques result a lower x-ray dose and significantly improved precision.

A great advantage of the digital system is that the number of repetitive shots dramatically decreases thus sparing patients from unnecessary radiation exposure. In addition, digital X-ray eliminates film handling so resulting in significant savings from the environmental point of view.

In our radiological centre, we make, inter alia, the following digital x-ray images:

  • Facial skull X-ray
  • Axiallispatella knee X-ray
  • Axiallispatella knee comparative X-ray
  • Ankle tri-directional radiograph
  • Ribs X-ray (chest PA + ribs)
  • Pelvic bi-directional X-ray
  • Dittmar comparative X-ray
  • Back spine bi-directional X-rays
  • Skull bi-directional X-rays
  • Lumbal spine bi-directional X-rays
  • Lumbosacral spine X-ray
  • Pelvic AP X-ray
  • Chest bi-directional X-rays
  • Chest X-ray (PA-AP imaging)
  • Native kidney + Bladder X-ray
  • Cervical spine radiograph
  • X-rays of the para-sinus cavity
  • Sacrum-coccygeum bi-directional X-rays
  • Schüller X-ray
  • Sella X-ray
  • Stenvers X-ray
  • Full spine bi-directional X-rays
  • Lung screening
  • Extrimity bi-directional X-rays
  • Extrimity bi-directional comparative X-rays

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