Dental X-rays

Budai Radiológiai Centrum uses the Instrumentarium Dental high-quality dental X-ray machines in order to provide high-quality dental X-ray images. Instrumentarium OC 200 panoramic X-ray is used to produce extraoral footages, while the Instrumentarium Focus intraoral X-ray helps our colleagues in preparation of intra oral radiographs.

Our modern dental X-ray machines apply digital technology, thus the patients are saved from excessive radiation exposure unlike in the case of conventional analogue technology. In addition, another great advantage of digital technology is to avoid the creation of hazardous waste generated by film making and thus we have less environmental pollution.

In our radiological center, we make the following dental X-ray images:

Intraoral dental X-ray recordings

  • Caries search on winged film
  • Full status (14 radiographs)

Extraoral dental X-ray recordings

  • PA-Sinus image
  • Panoramic X-ray
  • Panoramic radiograph in sinus setting
  • Panoramic radiograph opened-closed mouth
  • Full X-ray lateral imaging
  • TMI recording

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