Cervical Arteries Color Doppler Ultrasound Test

The color Doppler ultrasound examination clearly shows the runway, the wall structure and the flowing of the cervical vertebrae, thus, the location, structure and size of the vascular calcifications can be investigated and the % ratio of the vasoconstriction caused by them can be determined as well.

In case of all those diseases which damage the blood vessel wall (most commonly hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, smoking-related lesions) an ultrasound screening is recommended which affects the current therapy!

Ultrasonography is of great importance in assessing other important arteries of the body (e.g. coronary artery). The degree of risk to the cerebral circulation can also be inferred from assessing the formalities of the individual vascular lesions.

The test does not require any special preparation. It is painless and harmless. The test can be repeated in an unlimited number.

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